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Orthobiologics Associates

At Orthobiologics Associates we are a multispecialty Team of medical professionals dedicated to educating every one of our patients and prospective patients about the resources and tools available to them outside of the traditional, symptoms-based drugs and surgery model.

We do not believe in telling patients what to do but empowering them with information and options so that they can make a good decision about how they will ultimately solve their problem and achieve the future quality of life that they deserve. We do not believe in a one size fits all symptoms-based approach, but an individualized program designed to not only alleviate pain and symptoms but to improve quality of life in the long term and promote health and wellbeing.

Conditions We Treat

Back Pain

We specialize in the most current, advanced, non-surgical back pain therapies

Neck Pain

We utilize the latest regenerative medicine technology to conquer neck pain 

Knee Pain

Our team of experts has extensive experience when it comes to regenerative therapy for knees

Shoulder Pain

 Regain mobility in your shoulder with no need for invasive surgery and months of physical therapy


Cell Therapy Orthobiologics

Repair damage, Heal your injury, and Avoid surgery

Lifestyle Medicine

Therapy tailored around your needs, lifestyle, and goals

PRP Therapy

Enhance your body’s natural ability to heal and shorten recovery time!

Image Guidance

All of our regenerative procedures are performed using ultrasound guidance, fluoroscopy

Our Team


Medical Director, Board Certified Interventional Pain Management

Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Mastaw, MD is an interventional pain management physician.



Dr. Daly is an Interventional Pain Physician and is board certified in Interventional Pain Medicine Management and Anesthesiology.
Dr. Depasquale is also the Co-Founder of NSI Stem Cell and NSI Integrative wellness. Founder of Orthobiologics Associates and The Center for Integrative Healing.

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