Back Pain

Many people who suffer from back pain or arthritis in the lower back believe surgery on their spine or back is the best or only option to help alleviate their pain. While back surgery is one way to try to address back spine issues, it’s no longer the only way — and in many cases, it’s not the best way either.

Surgery on the back and spine poses several challenges. Among those challenges are high costs, a painful recovery, and a high failure rate. Even when the surgery goes as planned and lessens pain in the short term, in the years following back and spine surgery, degenerative changes to the back and spine can cause renewed pain and lasting damage.

Back Pain Issues
Cell Therapy for Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Fortunately, there is an alternative to back or spine surgery using advances in regenerative medicine. Relieving back pain without surgery is possible with new advances in Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics for back and neck pain and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures.

If you suffer from a herniated or bulging disc, annular tear, degenerative disc diseases, arthritis in the lower back, lumbar back pain or other spine or back conditions, please schedule a no-cost consult today to learn more about Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics for back pain.



Were you under the impression that epidural steroid injections or invasive surgery are your only options to treat your back pain? It most certainly is not! Ortho Biologics is a new term in medicine that uses your own cells to repair damage in joints.


Traditional medications and surgical intervention are tools with one thing in mind. Symptom reduction. However, covering up pain and inflammation or cutting things out to relieve pain will only work in the very short term. Leaving patients with significant pain and dysfunction in the future.


Regenerative medicine provides resources to heal damage and is therefore more conducive to long term pain relief, improved function and overall health.

Our proprietary stem cell procedures help restore spinal function and decrease pain without the need for surgery. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis, our expert physicians use image guidance via Fluoroscopy to locate and inject living and viable stem cells directly into and around the damaged areas of the spine. Image guidance also allows our providers to administer stem cells for back pain into accessory structures like ligaments and myofascial tissue to help stabilize your spine and improve overall function and mobility.

More About Back Pain

Our spines aren’t built to last forever. Many people experience the results of decades of wear and tear as the age. However, some people experience faster degeneration of the back and spine due to injury, arthritis, and repeated physical activity due to manual labor, playing sports or taking part in other physically demanding activities.

Healthy cells gradually break down, compromising the structure of spinal discs and tissue. Eventually, arthritis in the lower back and disc degeneration can lead to limited mobility, stiffness, weakness, and pain.

In other cases, trauma such as from a car accident may cause damage to the back or spine, hurting joints and causing symptoms similar to what is experienced with degenerative disc disease. Whatever the cause of your back pain, our centers offering Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics can help.

Why Choose Us for Back Pain Treatment in Florida?

At Orthobiologics Associates, we know surgical procedures and pain management injections aren’t the only effective way to treat back pain. We also know conventional therapies aren’t the best or most desirable treatment option for many patients. That’s why, for more than 15 years, we’ve been a leading Florida provider of holistic and highly personalized alternative back pain treatment services.

Our back pain stem cell therapy and PRP for back pain treatments harness the healing power of each patient’s naturally present reparative cells and tissues. Using minimally invasive techniques, we carefully harvest these substances from areas of the body that are rich in healthy, restorative components.

Our advanced, onsite lab rapidly and meticulously processes each tissue sample immediately after extraction to ensure maximum potency of every injection. It’s these carefully formulated, proprietary techniques that allow us to deliver regenerative therapies with great capacity for tissue repair and healing.

To encourage the most positive treatment outcomes, our providers perform all regenerative medicine for back pain procedures using ultrasound guidance and fluoroscopy. These advanced imaging techniques ensure precision delivery of cells directly into damaged and degenerated tissues to establish highly favorable conditions for healing and repair.