Both acute and chronic bursitis can be highly painful, potentially immobilizing, and may prevent you from engaging in even the simplest everyday tasks. This painful, inflammatory condition commonly affects the knees, shoulders, elbows, and hips, however, it can occur in other areas. Depending on its location and severity, bursitis may make it difficult to relax comfortably or even enjoy life.

At Orthobiologics Associates, we offer safe, effective, non-surgical treatments that can help reduce painful inflammation, improve mobility, and minimize or eliminate bursitis.

Our full-service regenerative medicine clinics specialize in stem cell injections and PRP for bursitis, as well as other holistic therapies. Using state-of-the-art equipment, extraction, and processing techniques, we’re able to harvest regenerative cells from many tissues, including blood, bone marrow, and fat. You can rely on our trained professionals to determine which healing resource is ideal for your condition.

Inflammation Of Bursitis

Orthobiologics for Bursitis

Our orthobiologic therapies are non-surgical, clinic-based procedures that utilize your naturally occurring regenerative cells to treat pain and stimulate healing. These minimally invasive hip, knee, and elbow bursitis treatments offer many advantages over surgery, including shorter recovery periods, minimal pain, and reduced risk of post-treatment complications.

After receiving regenerative knee, shoulder, elbow, or hip bursitis treatments, most patients see results within weeks, though complete healing may take up to one year. Generally, patients are able to resume their normal activities within 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Your outcome will depend largely on the severity of your condition and adherence to post-procedure care recommendations.

Orthobiologics for Bursitis

Bursitis Treatments

In addition to stem cells and PRP for hip bursitis and inflamed knee, shoulder, or elbow bursae, we offer multiple treatments, such as bracing, that may help expedite your recovery. Having these tools at our disposal allows us to safely address many symptoms and help ensure your best treatment outcome.

When indicated for your condition, bracing can help reduce inflammation, pain, and mobility impairments and may help you avoid surgery or other potentially risky forms of treatment. We stock professional bracing equipment in our clinics and can fit you with the right brace for your unique needs. Please contact us today to discuss how our holistic bursitis treatments can assist with your recovery.

Frequently Asked Bursitis Treatment Questions

Can surgery-related risks be avoided with minimally invasive bursitis treatment?

Yes, non-surgical shoulder, elbow, hip, or knee bursitis treatment helps minimize your risk of anesthesia-related complications, scarring, infection, and collateral tissue damage. By opting for a natural, regenerative treatment approach, you may be able to manage acute or chronic bursitis safely and effectively.

What are the potential long-term benefits of non-surgical bursitis treatment?

Regenerative treatment addresses the underlying cause(s) of tissue inflammation to help prevent bursitis from worsening or recurring. By stimulating tissue healing and quelling inflammation at its source, non-surgical treatment can help you effectively manage painful symptoms long term while improving joint function and mobility. 

Can non-surgical bursitis treatment be paired with other therapies?

Yes, non-surgical knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder bursitis treatment can be used with other therapeutic approaches to help enhance treatment efficacy. In many cases, lifestyle modifications — such as weight management via exercise and/or dietary changes — can help maximize treatment results. Your provider can determine which combination of treatments is most suitable for your condition and unique needs.  

Does non-surgical treatment for bursitis have any potential side effects?

Non-surgical bursitis treatments generally carry minimal risk of side effects. However, some patients experience short-lived discomfort during or after treatment, post-injection soreness, or temporary post-treatment mobility alterations.  As with any medical procedure, it’s important to inform your provider of any unexpected reactions or concerns to ensure proper treatment management.

How does regenerative bursitis treatment support natural healing?

Non-surgical, cell-based treatments help support the body’s innate healing process by introducing naturally occurring regenerative cells into inflamed, dysfunctional, and damaged tissues. Those cells help stimulate the body’s natural regenerative mechanisms and create an optimal environment for healing by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and encouraging tissue repair.

Can recurring or chronic bursitis benefit from non-surgical treatment?

Yes, non-surgical treatments can be highly effective for persistent or recurring bursitis. By treating the root cause of the condition, promoting joint health and function, and managing painful symptoms, regenerative treatments can help patients minimize the severity and frequency of their bursitis flare-ups.