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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthobiologics Associates is home to doctors and clinicians that are seasoned, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping patients overcome their health challenges.

Each member of our team works together to deliver seamless, safe, and effective patient care. Patient health and comfort are always our first priority. These are the answers to questions we hear the most often.

What are stem cells?

Stem Cells are the basic building blocks of life, the elemental cells from which our bodies are made. They are formed at conception and specialized to become all the different tissues in the body: skin, organs, muscle, blood, bone, etc. For example- muscle cells begin as stem cells, then they are determined and become muscle cells. Stem cells are simply undetermined cells. We use stem cells for the purpose of maintaining and repairing tissue. Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics enhances this natural function by introducing high concentrations to an affected area, this stimulates regeneration and healing occurs at a rapid pace.

When should I expect to see results?

Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics relies on your own regenerative healing to occur. Everyone is different and the healing process may take several months before results are seen. While many patients report that they begin to experience results within weeks, the majority of the healing will take place over time. Stem cells have been shown to continue to provide healing for up to one year. No accurate guarantee can be made regarding how soon results can be felt. There are variables including the diagnosis and the severity of the problem.

How long will my recovery take?

Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics is a minimally invasive procedure. Most patients report being back to normal daily activities within 24-48 hours

Does health insurance cover this procedure?

We never want to preclude anyone from receiving the benefits of Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics or learning more about this groundbreaking technology in health care. Therefore, while there will be out of pocket expenses associated with many of the regenerative techniques that we offer, we also accept all major insurances for those services that are covered. Once it is determined what interventions are required we will, in writing, discuss what your insurance covers and what the out of pocket expenses will be. You will be pleasantly surprised with the affordability of even the most extensive programs we offer.

Is this FDA approved?

Our procedures are compliant within the guidelines listed in the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 Part 1271. We meet FDA guidelines by providing a same-day procedure done entirely in our clinic with only minimal manipulation of a patient’s own cells which are then immediately delivered back to that patient.

Are there any known side effects to adult Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics?

Side effects are typically minimal and may include minor pain and irritation at the injection site. Since we are using a patient’s own stem cells, chances of immune system rejection are extremely low. Extensive research and testing using adult stem cells is ongoing worldwide, and to our knowledge, there have been no reported instances of “serious adverse events” specifically to adult stem cells in any studies. In fact, our very own co-founders have authored a safety study which showed zero adverse events associated with Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics in a large group.

Are there any ethical issues regarding these therapies?

No. Our NSI Stem Cell Clinic procedure uses a patient’s own stem cells derived from their own adipose fat tissue or bone marrow. We do not perform any procedures or undertake any research using embryonic stem cells.

Is an Autologous stem cell procedure safe?

Yes! The tissue is taken from the patient via sterile technique and remains in a sterile environment. There are no instances of cell rejection or disease transmission because we are using your own tissue and your own stem cells to treat your condition. All aspects of the procedure are performed in-house under a licensed physician.

Which is the best source of stem cells?

We are a full service regenerative medicine facility with the ability to harvest from many tissues including bone marrow, fat and blood. Our trained professionals will determine which resource is appropriate for the condition and how it presents. Having multiple tools at our disposal allows us to help with many conditions and provide the very best outcomes.