Treat Your Herniated Disc Without Surgery Or Drugs

Discs heal just like your muscles and bones do. There’s a lot of fear in the world today about spine and disc injuries, but the truth is that the body is often highly capable of healing these things!

To be fair, a herniated disc sounds terrifying – the covering of the disc tears/ruptures and the gel-like disc material bulges out, sometimes pinching down on a nerve in your spine. This creates pain at the spot where the tear happened, and can cause radiating pain, numbness, and even weakness into your arms or legs, depending on what level in your spine the herniated disc happened.

Surgery isn’t super common with disc herniations, as the pain often goes away on its own after a couple days to weeks. It’s very important to try and stay active while your body is healing, taking advantage of movements that don’t cause a lot of pain so that your body keeps the blood moving around, effectively healing the herniation.

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What Do We Do Here At Orthobiologics Associates ?

Orthobiologics Associates ,we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery.

Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery.

How Can Orthobiologics Associates Treat Disc Herniations?

The worst cases will sometimes go to surgery, but it doesn’t usually have the greatest results – you may come out of it with weaker discs that can easily get reinjured, which we obviously want to avoid!

Orthobiologics Associates uses Responsible Pain Management (RPM) to put the body into a state where its natural healing abilities are boosted. We do this by utilizing our cutting-edge stem cell therapy, along with our incredible integrative medicine approach. 

This approach combines advanced medical diagnostics with regenerative and complementary medicine, allowing us to determine exactly where and why your pain and symptoms are happening, and then create a plan of recovery that’s customized to YOU! We’ll explore traction therapy, spinal decompression, medical acupuncture, and physical medicine/rehabilitation to get you living pain-free as soon as possible!

Book your consultation today, and we’ll have our highly-trained team take you through the recovery process, leaving your herniated disc in the past while avoiding surgery and drugs!

Spine Pain Frequently Asked Questions

How do disc herniations happen?

Disc herniations are extremely common that can happen from lifting heavy objects, having a car accident, falling down from something high, or even from simple things like sneezing or bending over! Our best bet is to prepare our body for these different things, which we here at FIMO will help you do after we get the herniation healed!

How long do herniated discs take to heal?

Herniated discs often heal on their own, usually taking a couple weeks. Managing a disc herniation can be tricky, and living with the pain even for a short while can be a challenge. Our integrative medicine approach at Orthobiologics Associates is perfect for navigating your painful back, and putting your mind at ease with answers to any questions you may have!

How do I know I have a disc herniation?

Symptoms of disc herniation include pain localized to the spine, pain with numbness or tingling radiating down the leg or into the arms, and stiffness with movement. The most common disc herniations happen in your lumbar, or lower, spine and radiate down your legs.

How can Orthobiologics Associates help with my disc herniation?

We use integrative medicine to approach the problem from different angles, utilizing our special skills in stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), massage therapy, and healthy habits education to bring you back to pain-free living in record time!