Treat Your Hip Tendon Tears Without Surgery Or Drugs

Tendon tears in the hip can be a painful experience and a difficult recovery. A lot of those tendons in the hip are much bigger and stronger than in other parts of the body, and so tears can be quite the challenge to deal with.

Surgery is often talked about to “reattach” the tendons, but patients are often left in the dark to other options. We here at Orthobiologics Associates use the body itself to heal, boosting its natural healing abilities to create a regenerative environment for the tendons to recover!

Hips Pain

What Do We Do Here At Orthobiologics Associates?

At Orthobiologics Associates,we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery.

Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery

Non-Surgical Hip Tendon Tears Treatment With Orthobiologics Associates

Our professional team of doctors will guide you through your entire customized recovery plan, taking a direct approach to deal with your unique needs and goals. We look forward to discussing how Orthobiologics Associates can help you in your recovery journey!

Responsible Pain Management For Hip Tendon Tears

Our non-surgical and non-drug solution to hip tendon tears is called Responsible Pain Management (RPM), which provides lasting pain relief without surgery or drugs. We strongly believe that you’ll enjoy faster and more effective recovery with our integrative medicine, and get back to your favorite activities in record time!

Our team of highly-trained doctors will take you through our advanced medical diagnostics process to find out exactly what tendons tore and to what extent, allowing us to create a fully customized plan of recovery that is unique to your needs and goals without any extra complications!

We use cutting-edge stem cell therapy, which will give your body the tools it needs to start healing itself and enter a regenerative state. You’ll experience the power of integrative medicine by enjoying our many other therapies, including physical medicine and rehabilitation to become stronger and more stable, platelet-rich plasma therapies (PRP) to accelerate healing, medical acupuncture to effectively relieve pain, and more to power up your body and get those tendons healed!

Hip Tendon Tears Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I tore my hip tendon?

You may show signs of weakness, instability, pain, inflammation, and bruising. Orthobiologics Associates uses advanced medical diagnostics to find out exactly what the issue is, pin-pointing the problem to attack it head-on.

Do hip tendon tears hurt?

They can, but you may not have any pain depending on the type of tear!

What happens if I don’t do anything with my hip tendon tear?

Doing nothing can lead to more complications down the road, including extra tearing, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and instability. Book your consultation with us today and we’ll begin the recovery process together – without surgery or drugs!