Laboratory Processing

Orthobiologics Associates has an onsite blood testing center and laboratories that offer a full array of testing services, including analysis of blood work, bone marrow aspirate, and adipose tissue. We also specialize in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) preparation.

Our clinics are full-service regenerative medicine facilities with proprietary techniques that we use to process every sample with care and accuracy. We exceed FDA guidelines and maintain the integrity and viability of all samples.

PRP Preparation

Blood Test Analysis and Health Maintenance

Blood testing and lab processing is an integral component of diagnostic and preventative health care that allows medical professionals to gather important information about patients’ health. By analyzing blood samples for specific markers, physicians can identify potential health problems early and recommend appropriate care. Routine blood testing also helps doctors diagnose medical conditions and monitor individuals undergoing treatment for previously diagnosed health issues.

While many people refrain from getting blood testing until they feel unwell, patients who undergo routine blood tests are more likely to discover health issues early and receive timely treatment. By the time symptoms become evident, a concerning medical condition may have already advanced to a serious stage.

Why Choose Orthobiologics Associates?

Orthobiologics Associates uses the most advanced technology available at our Florida lab testing and regenerative medicine center. Each member of our team works together to deliver safe, effective, highly personalized treatment that makes our patients feel comfortable and well cared for.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been committed to educating individuals on various treatment options and helping them improve their quality of life through holistic and integrative medical treatments. When feasible, we provide our patients with minimally invasive and natural alternatives to conventional surgical and pharmaceutical interventions.

Since our founding, the safety, comfort and overall well-being of our patients has and will continue to be our top priorities. We are home to a passionate team of medical professionals who are seasoned, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping patients thrive.