ACL Tear Repair Without Surgery

ACL injuries affect people in massively different ways, and yet all these people have one unfortunate thing in common: they often get told that surgery is their only option.

We’re here to tell you that that’s not true. The body is wonderfully capable of healing itself, and often just needs to be given a little extra help without having to jump under the knife and deal with all the complications that surgery can cause. That’s where we here at Orthobiologics Associates come in.

Hips Pain

ACL Tear Recovery Using Non-Invasive Medicine

We understand how much your ACL tear is affecting you in your day-to-day life, your sports, and your mental health. On top of all that, it’s even harder to wrap your head around being told that you need surgery to replace your partial or full ACL tear and then go through a long, tough recovery process afterwards.

Here at FIMO, we take surgery out of the equation completely. We give the body the right opportunity to heal itself, saving your ACL rather than replacing it. This is done through regenerative medicine, which includes using the power of stem cells to provide a healing environment that is much less invasive than surgery, has the potential to get you back to your sports and activities much quicker, and makes your post-treatment recovery journey much easier and less painful.

What Do We Do Here At Orthobiologics Associates?

At Orthobiologics Associates, we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery.

Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery.

Responsible Pain Management For ACL Tear Recovery

Our non-surgical, drug-free solution to ACL recovery is unique to every person. We’ll diagnose exactly what your problem is, why the pain is happening, and what the steps are to fixing the issue for good. Our highly trained team will create a customized treatment plan that’ll take you from your very first consultation all the way to the day where you enjoy your favorite activities without pain!

As we treat your ACL tear using our cutting-edge stem cell therapy, we’ll utilize other treatments such as physical rehabilitation to get your muscles and joints moving properly again, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment to accelerate the healing process, healthy habits education to ensure that you get the most out of our therapy, and acupuncture/massage to have you feeling your best every time you leave our clinic!

Our team is dedicated to walking with you throughout the entire process, and we look forward to helping you heal your ACL and get back to living pain-free!

Hip Pain Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ACL do?

The ACL is an important ligament in your knee that connects your thigh bone and your shin bone. It’s mainly there to help stabilize the knee and keep your shin bone from sliding too far forward or twisting too much.

Will my ACL be normal after surgery?

Every person’s recovery varies, especially after surgery. You may get back to normal after surgery quickly, or maybe after several months to years – but there is always a risk that it will never be the same. That is why many Physical Therapists and health practitioners recommend waiting and trying less invasive techniques like we do here at Orthobiologics Associates before going into surgery.

How do I know if my ACL is torn?

An ACL can be torn completely or partially. We often use “grades” to describe how severe the tear is, ranging from grade 1 which is more of an aggressive stretch of the ligament without much damage or stability issues, to grade 3 which is when the ACL splits completely into two pieces.


Some common signs that you have an ACL tear is when you have:

  • Severe Pain – Pain in front of the knee, often feeling like it’s “deep,” can be a sign that you injured your ACL.
  • Instability – If you feel like your knee wants to buckle or you see that the shin bone slides forward more than normal can indicate that the ACL is damaged.
  • Rapid Swelling – The knee will quickly swell up after tearing the ACL.
  • A Loud Popping Sound – The ACL often makes a frightening loud “pop” when it’s torn. 

We’d be happy to assist you in getting a correct diagnosis on what happened to your ACL so that you can get the proper care for your injury!

How can Orthobiologics Associates help me avoid surgery for my ACL tear?

We here at Orthobiologics Associates follow the strong evidence that shows how the body can heal itself given the right opportunity. Using cutting-edge treatments of high-grade stem cells, we put your body into a state of recovery and healing, helping you SAVE your ACL rather than having to replace it through surgery.