Meniscus Tear Repair Without Surgery

The meniscus is rubbery knee cartilage between your thigh bone and shinbone. A meniscus tear can happen quickly due to a forceful twisting of your knee and can cause swelling, pain, stiffness, and mobility issues.

A meniscus tear can take a long time to heal, even if surgery is not needed. And meanwhile, the injury keeps you from enjoying many of the activities you love. If you’d like to treat your knee injury without surgery, Orthobiologics Associates offers safe and effective stem cell injections for meniscus tears and platelet-rich plasma injections for meniscus tears that can help.

Our regenerative medicine clinics are full-service  orthobiologic treatment facilities capable of  harvesting autologous restorative cells from many tissues, including fat, bone marrow, and blood. When you trust our trained professionals to perform your meniscus repair without surgery, they’ll determine which therapeutic option is appropriate based on the severity of your condition and other health factors.

Meniscus tears are a tricky injury since they don’t have the greatest blood supply – by the time you reach your 40s, only the outside of your meniscus has a blood supply. This means that tears along the outside border heal faster and better than ones closer to the middle. Meniscus repair surgery has therefore become terribly common – it sounds like there are no real alternative options…until now!

Meniscus Tears

Orthobiologics for Non-Surgical Meniscus Tears Treatment

Our Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics is a non-surgical procedure that can be completed in our office. It offers superior advantages over surgery, including avoiding painful and lengthy recovery periods that are usually required to restore mobility, strength, and range of motion.

Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics leverages natural regenerative healing to treat pain and mobility issues. Many patients experience results within weeks, though full recovery may take up to a year. The outcome will vary depending on the severity of your problem.

We stimulate regeneration and healing by introducing natural stem cells into the affected areas. This safe and effective procedure is quick, painless, and minimally invasive. Most patients report returning to normal daily activities within 24-48 hours.

At Orthobiologics Associates ,we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery.

Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery.

Our non-drug and non-surgical approaches to healing are rooted in the research that shows the body has the power to heal itself. We use different strategies of regenerative and integrative medicine – like stem cells – to put your meniscus into a healing state, giving the body the tools it needs to speed up the healing process

And not only do we use cutting-edge stem cell therapy to stimulate healing without surgery, but we also use the skills of our highly-trained team including platelet-rich (PRP) plasma therapy to power-up the healing process, healthy habits education to teach you the skills necessary to continue on your pain-free journey, and strengthening programs to make sure your meniscus stays stable long after you’re done with us!

Meniscus Tears Treatments

Meniscus Tear Treatments Without Surgery

A professionally fitted brace may help your meniscus tear heal more quickly and may also allow you to avoid surgical intervention or other forms of treatment. Proper bracing will not only help prevent further damage to injured, vulnerable tissues, but also will help stabilize those tissues to promote more rapid healing. At our clinics, we carry an assortment of medical-grade bracing equipment and, when necessary, can fit you with a brace that’s well suited to your injury and lifestyle.

As an integrative medicine clinic, we offer multiple nonsurgical treatments in addition to PRP for meniscus tears and stem cells for torn meniscus repair. Having various therapeutic options at our disposal allows us to help alleviate many painful and debilitating symptoms while promoting your most positive treatment outcome.

What Happens If You Ignore Meniscus Tears?

Untreated meniscus tears can have serious, pervasive, and long-lasting negative effects on any individual’s knee health and overall well-being. Ignoring persistent pain or swelling in the affected knee may cause the discomfort or inflammation to grow progressively worse. The more pronounced that discomfort becomes, the more likely it will result in mobility issues that make performing daily activities uncommonly challenging and painful.

Unaddressed meniscus tears can also grow larger, destabilize the knee joint, and negatively affect a person’s ability to balance, ambulate, and perform other physical activities. Whether chronic or acute, knee instability can heighten the risk of falls and additional injury to the knee or other areas of the body.

Even if falls do not become an issue, an untreated meniscus tear can cause joint degeneration over time and may contribute to chronic knee problems, such as arthritis. Moving around with a torn meniscus may also pull small fragments of fibrocartilage into the joint, which may cause the knee to lock or catch. In serious cases, removing such fragments may require surgery.

Ultimately, untreated meniscus tears can easily cause further damage to the knee joint, as well as the cartilage, ligaments, and tendons that provide crucial cushioning and stabilization for the entire knee. These potential complications may have lasting consequences, including serious discomfort and inflammation, that can negatively affect any person’s quality of life. Seeking prompt medical attention and treatment from a torn meniscus doctor is essential to help ensure the most positive long-term outcome for this common and often debilitating injury.

Every person and every injury is different, which is exactly why our professional team will walk you through a completely customized plan from beginning to end – we understand how important it is to getting back to your activities pain-free, and our integrative approach is designed to make your recovery journey as simple and quick as possible.

It really depends on what kind of tear you have and how severe it is, but we here at Orthobiologics Associates are proud to say that our patients enjoy increased healing speeds than most surgical procedures – plus there are less side-effects and complications than jumping under the knife!

OrthoBiologics is dedicated to boosting your body’s natural healing capabilities, and we look forward to walking with you on your meniscus tear recovery journey!

Meniscus Tears

Meniscus Tears Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meniscus?

The meniscus refers to one of two C-shaped cartilage discs in your knee that sit beside each other. They’re designed to absorb the shock that goes through your knee when you walk, jump, run, skip, and more!

What are the different types of meniscus tears?

Meniscus tears are usually categorized as radial, horizontal, bucket-handle, incomplete, complex, or flap tears. You’ll sometimes find that some of these are known as different names, but they’re 6 of the most popular types.

Should I get surgery for my meniscus tear?

Meniscus surgeries tend to get prescribed a little too easily, as most clinics/doctors unfortunately won’t talk about the low success-rate of them. The body is very powerful, and things like physical therapy, stem cell therapy, and other regenerative medicine can have a bigger impact on healing your meniscus tear without surgery or drugs!

Can Orthobiologics Associates help with tears in the part of the meniscus with poor blood supply?

Meniscus tears on the outside of the meniscus tend to heal better since there’s a better blood supply available, but tears in the middle can also benefit from regenerative medicine. We’d love to talk to you today to see what your plan of recovery could look like and how we can help!