Regenerative and Functional Medicine in Brandon, Florida

At Orthobiologics Associates, we offer effective, non-surgical solutions for herniated and bulging discs. We are regenerative medicine experts in Brandon, Florida, and we are here to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

The goal of regenerative therapy is to heal tissue that have been damaged by congenital issues, trauma, or disease. It works to replace current clinical strategies that tend to treat only symptoms rather than underlying causes. The tools we use at our regenerative medicine and peptide therapy clinic are cellular therapies — including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections — peptides, functional nutrition, and bioidentical hormone replacement.

By combining these methods, the natural healing process of the body is effectively amplified in the areas most needed. Regenerative therapy is a relatively new course of treatment that combines the experience and knowledge of experts in the fields such as engineering, biology, computer science, genetics, and chemistry. The goal is to find solutions to the most challenging medical issues humans face.

When the body is invaded by disease or injured, the initial response is to defend and heal. Through regenerative health care, we hope to harness the power to heal and accelerate it to increase the effects of the healing process. Our goal at Orthobiologics Associates is to use regenerative medical services as a way to discover treatments and cures for diseases and injuries previously considered untreatable.

What Is Functional Medicine?

At Orthobiologics Associates, we also practice functional medicine in Brandon, FL. Functional medicine focuses on identifying, addressing, and, ultimately, preventing the root causes of dysfunction and disease within the body.

Unlike the conventional treatment approach, functional medicine does not simply treat a person’s obvious symptoms. Instead, it seeks to pinpoint and understand the various causes behind a person’s symptoms and how her or his health issues developed.

By identifying and addressing the underlying issues that cause health symptoms, practitioners can develop individualized care plans that support healing, improved systemic function, and symptom improvement.

Here are the core guiding principles behind the functional medicine treatment and preventative approach:

Each Patient and His or Her Condition Is Unique

Functional medicine acknowledges that each patient is unique on a genetic level and cannot be effectively treated with a one-size-fits-all, symptoms-based approach. Functional health services focus on treating the person — not the symptoms — to support the health of the body’s many linked systems.

This highly personalized approach aims to guide each patient’s systems to function according to their design while supporting natural healing. Overarchingly, it seeks to not only improve overall health and well-being, but also prevent recurrence of disease and dysfunction.

The Human Body Is a Self-Regulating, Self-Healing Organism

Functional medicine recognizes that the human body is an intrinsically intelligent organism with an innate capacity for self-regulation and self-healing on a cellular level. Functional and integrative practitioners believe that by providing a patient with the right support and care, his or her body could optimize cellular and systemic function as naturally as possible.

Natural, Evidence-Based, Integrative Health Services First

Because the human body has an innate capacity for self-healing and regulation, functional medicine prioritizes using natural and integrative, evidence-based interventions to improve health and well-being. It acknowledges that although surgery and pharmaceutical drugs can be lifesaving, conventional treatments may not be necessary or may do more harm than good for certain patients.

By prioritizing low-risk, evidence-based treatments, functional medicine strives to minimize side effects and complications that conventional treatments often cause.

Holistic, Patient-Centered Care

Functional medicine focuses on treating the whole person as a unique individual, not just treating the outward symptoms. This holistic approach takes into consideration a wide variety of potential contributors to disease and dysfunction, including a person’s background, emotional and mental state, genetic predispositions, and others.

In functional medicine, there is no standardized protocol or predetermined approach on which practitioners build a patient’s treatment plan. Rather, each person’s multi-faceted treatment is as singular as they are and based on several factors unique to them.

True Health Is a State of Systemic Vitality

In functional medicine, health is not merely the absence of disease. Rather, true health comprises the harmonized functioning of all systems and organs in the body, including a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

Functional medicine recognizes that each cell and system in the body affects all other cells and systems in the body. As such, the functional approach focuses on optimizing the connections among the body’s many linked systems to enhance overall well-being and promote the highest level of health for each patient.

Pain Management Physician in Brandon, Florida

At Orthobiologics Associates, we also strive to help our patients with pain management. We are a full-service regenerative medicine center using cutting-edge technology to help our patients. Our mission is to improve the quality of the lives of our patients.

Through integrative healing in Brandon, Florida, we focus on treating the whole patient. Integrative health and wellness bring together complementary and conventional methods in a coordinated manner.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, also known as platelet replacement therapy, involves the use of concentrations of platelets from the patient. Stem cell therapy uses concentrated stem cells harvested from each patient’s healthy tissues that are rich in reparative cellular components. With a stem cell and/or PRP injection, the healing process is accelerated and musculoskeletal issues can be improved greatly.

At our integrative healing center, we strive for well-coordinated health care that explores the potential benefits in a wide array of situations from pain management and symptom relief to the promotion of health on all levels.