Non-Surgical Rotator Cuff Tears Treatment

Rotator cuff tears often happen with repeated shoulder motions, but they can also occur suddenly due to a fall or other accident. They are a tear in the rotator cuff tendons near your shoulder joint. Some symptoms include pain, weakness, and a crackling sensation. Orthobiologics Associates can help heal your rotator cuff tear.

We will first do a thorough examination to confirm that you do have a rotator cuff tear. Our safe, effective, and non-surgical treatments work for many different illnesses and injuries.

Our full-service regenerative medicine clinics have the technology and expertise to harvest restorative cells and their derivatives from many tissues, including blood, bone marrow, and fat. You can rely on our trained professionals to determine which non-surgical treatment option is ideal for your condition.

Tear In The Rotator Cuff Tendons

Orthobiologics for Rotator Cuff Tears

Our Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics is a non-surgical procedure that can be completed in our office. It offers superior advantages over surgery, including avoiding painful and lengthy recovery periods that are usually required to restore mobility, strength, and range of motion.

Cell Therapy Ortho-Biologics leverages natural stem cells for rotator cuff tears and/or PRP for rotator cuff injuries to treat pain and mobility issues. Many patients experience results within weeks, though full recovery may take up to a year. The outcome will vary depending on the severity of your problem.

We stimulate regeneration and healing by introducing natural stem cells into the affected areas. This safe and effective procedure is quick, painless, and minimally invasive. Most patients report returning to normal daily activities within 24-48 hours.

Orthobiologics for Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatments Without Surgery or Drugs

Proper bracing may help you heal more quickly, reduce pain, and possibly avoid surgery or other treatment. If you have an injury or a chronic condition, professional fitting of a brace may keep you from further damage and put you on the path to healing. We stock various equipment in our clinics and will match you with the proper brace for your condition and lifestyle if one is needed. 

We have multiple treatments that may help with your rotator cuff tear and speed your recovery. Having various tools at our disposal allows us to help with many symptoms and ensure your best outcome. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss how we can assist with your recovery.

Treat Rotator Cuff Tears Before They Worsen

Untreated rotator cuff tears can have several unfavorable consequences. Due to the nature and location of the tear, it can easily grow worse when unaddressed, often causing intensifying pain and worsening mobility problems over time.

As the tear gradually grows, it places undue stress on the surrounding shoulder tissues, leading to more pronounced discomfort with various movements. The injury may also cause considerable pain even when the shoulder is at rest. This persistent discomfort can interfere with several activities of daily living that involve using the shoulder and may make it difficult or near impossible to lift objects or reach overhead.

Because the rotator cuff tendons play a crucial role in joint stabilization and smooth movement, untreated tears can also weaken the entire shoulder. When these tendons suffer damage, the shoulder can become unstable, leading to restricted joint movement that can make even the simplest shoulder-involved tasks painful and unusually challenging.

Unaddressed tears may even induce additional inflammatory shoulder complications, such as tendonitis and/or bursitis, both of which can cause considerable pain and mobility issues. Either of these conditions can contribute to further rotator cuff damage, which may make effective shoulder use increasingly difficult. Without appropriate treatment, a tear could even cause permanent shoulder weakness and loss of mobility.

Treating Rotator Cuff Tears Without Surgery

Non-surgical treatments for rotator cuff tears — such as stem cell rotator cuff repair — are often an ideal option because many such tears can be effectively treated without invasive interventions.

Aside from orthobiologic treatments, physical therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and other pain management techniques can help decrease discomfort, build strength, increase mobility, and improve overall function. This is especially true when the injury is diagnosed and treated as promptly as possible.

Non-surgical treatments are also ideal due to their minimally invasive nature that significantly reduces recovery time and the likelihood of intra- and post-treatment complications. Even arthroscopic surgical techniques for rotator cuff tears can carry serious risks, such as nerve damage, bleeding, and infection that may impede healing or necessitate further surgical or pharmaceutical interventions.

In addition to their health-related advantages, non-surgical therapies can also be more cost-effective and convenient than their invasive counterparts, which are often expensive and not covered by insurance. Rehabilitative therapies, PRP therapy, and stem cell injections for torn rotator cuffs are all performed on an outpatient basis, making them a highly convenient option for many.

Perhaps most importantly, several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of stem cells for rotator cuff injuries and other non-surgical shoulder pain treatments. After undergoing non-invasive and/or minimally invasive therapy, many patients report significant improvements in discomfort, mobility, and strength. Because these therapies focus on comprehensive shoulder health improvement rather than fixing just the tear, they’re often highly effective at increasing overall post-injury functionality.

Rotator Cuff Tears Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have rotator cuff pain?

Rotator cuff pain is complex, as there are 4 muscles that make it up along with all the surrounding muscles that influence it. You might have a tear, a strain, a bruise, or something else, which can be diagnosed with comprehensive assesssments here at Orthobiologics Associates!

Do I need surgery for rotator cuff tears?

Surgery should only be considered as a last-case option as it can cause more issues in the future. It also requires a long recovery period, can be expensive, and isn’t often necessary. Try non-invasive treatments like we have here at Orthobiologics Associates!

How can Orthobiologics Associates help my rotator cuff tear pain?

Orthobiologics Associates understands the body’s power in healing itself, and uses regenerative and complementary medicine to boost the body’s natural healing ability without the use of drugs or surgery!

How can Orthobiologics Associates help with my shoulder injuries?

We use integrative medicine to approach the problem from different angles, utilizing our special skills in stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), massage therapy, and healthy habits education to bring you back to pain-free movement in record time!