Healing Bulging Discs Without Surgery

Bulging discs are a very common condition where a disc sitting in-between our vertebrae juts out, potentially pinching a nerve. They can be annoying and painful, limiting your movement and stopping you from enjoying your day-to-day life.

A lot of medical practitioners tend to brush off the pain you’re experiencing, prescribing some medication and sending you off. For the worst bulging discs, they’ll suggest surgery as an option. We here at Orthobiologics Associates believe that there are much better alternatives.

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What Do We Do Here At Orthobiologics Associates?

At Orthobiologics Associates ,we are most well-known for our integrated approach to healing. We combine western medicine, eastern medicine, and modern medicine approaches to ensure the highest patient outcomes possible, delivering the highest chance of healing and recovery.

Our bodies are capable of healing and regenerating themselves if we provide them with the right opportunity to do so. This is what our non-surgical solutions are all about, creating an environment for the body to heal itself and avoid drugs and surgery.

How Orthobiologics Associates Helps You Avoid Surgery?

Surgery has its own complications, including long recovery times and potentially new issues from your original problem. Plus, they don’t always take care of the root cause, and your pain comes back. 

We believe that your body is capable of healing itself, and follow the strong evidence that shows how to naturally boost that capability. Using cutting-edge stem cell therapy, we are able to provide your body with the tools it needs to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process. Orthobiologics Associates achieves this through Responsible Pain Management (RPM), our non-surgical and non-drug approach to lasting pain relief. 

Our highly-trained team of professionals will use advanced medical diagnostics to pin-point exactly what your problem areas are, and create a customized plan of recovery utilizing our many therapies including platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), medical acupuncture, traction therapy, spinal decompression, healthy habits education, and more

Treat Your Bulging Discs With Orthobiologics Associates

Our dedication to providing your body with all the tools it needs through regenerative medicine will change the way you live, letting you get back to your favorite activities without pain. Our integrative medicine approach handles the problems from multiple angles, making sure that nothing is left out!

We here at Orthobiologics Associates will help you deal with the root cause of your problem, and not just take care of the symptoms or send you off to surgery. Book your consultation with us today to see how we can provide you with the most comprehensive and effective treatment plan for your bulging discs!

Spine Pain Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bulging disc?

A bulging disc is a condition where one of the shock-absorbing discs in our spine gets squeezed out, pressing up against nerves and potentially other structures. This can be really uncomfortable, and even painful!

How do bulging discs happen?

Bulging discs can happen in many different ways – falling down, being in a car accident, and even sneezing too hard can cause the disc to bulge! Some people have bulging discs and don’t even realize it, whereas other people may have high levels of pain.

How do I know if I have a bulging disc?

Some of the main symptoms can include numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, weakness in your limbs, pain, burning sensations, and decreased movement.