Spine Pain

Acute or chronic spine pain — whether it’s caused by an injury, arthritis or other degenerative condition — can significantly affect a person’s mobility and day-to-day life. While many people believe costly, invasive surgery or medications are the answer to alleviating spine pain, these conventional treatments are no longer the only solutions available. In many cases, they’re not the best way to treat spine pain, either.

At Orthobiologics Associates, we understand that surgery and pharmaceuticals aren’t ideal spine pain treatment options for every patient. That’s why, for more than 15 years, we’ve specialized in cutting-edge, regenerative treatment alternatives for patients seeking more natural and minimally invasive therapeutic interventions for back pain.

At our regenerative medicine spine clinic in Florida, we specialize in stem cell spine injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) spine injections for patients suffering from a wide variety of painful spinal conditions. Our team of multispecialty medical providers is committed to educating patients on the natural cellular therapy alternatives available outside of the conventional treatment model. We don’t believe in telling patients what to do — instead, we believe in providing information that allows our patients to make the best treatment decision for their unique needs.

As a full-service regenerative medicine clinic, we rely on the most advanced medical processing and imaging technologies to help ensure precision delivery of our concentrated cellular therapies. We also believe each patient deserves a highly individualized, integrative treatment plan that’s carefully tailored to their condition, needs and recovery goals.

If you’re looking for a natural way to treat spine pain and help your body heal, schedule a complimentary consult today to learn about your spine regenerative medicine options.

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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an innovative, minimally invasive, natural approach to healing tissue damage and degeneration caused by injuries and chronic health conditions.

Unlike conventional medical treatments for orthopedic pain, regenerative medicine does not involve any invasive surgical procedures or potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, it relies on cellular therapies — including stem cell and PRP injections — to stimulate natural tissue repair, regeneration and healing.

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What Are Types of Regenerative Spinal Treatment?

Regenerative spinal treatments include minimally invasive PRP injections and spinal stenosis stem cell therapy, both of which stimulate, strengthen and accelerate the body’s natural healing response.

These therapies involve taking samples of each patient’s blood, adipose tissue or bone marrow, which are naturally rich in endogenous healing cells. Those tissue samples are then carefully processed to extract highly concentrated doses of platelet-rich plasma and/or stem cells, which are the body’s natural healing components. Those living, reparative cells are then meticulously re-introduced into areas of tissue damage and degeneration to activate and enhance the body’s natural healing response.

Why Choose Regenerative Spine Therapy?

Regenerative spine therapies — including PRP and stem cells for spinal stenosis — are an excellent, conservative treatment approach for alleviating back pain and repairing damaged tissues. These cellular therapies offer several advantages over conventional medical treatments, including:

  • Natural pain reduction and tissue healing
  • Faster recovery and minimal downtime after treatment
  • No general anesthesia, as most treatments are outpatient procedures
  • Less post-treatment inflammation compared to surgery
  • Fewer potential complications than surgery
  • No potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs

Because regenerative therapies stimulate and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal, evidence suggests they can also allow patients to delay or even completely avoid surgery. If you’re suffering from any type of back or spine pain, reach out to our team today to find out if you’re a good candidate for regenerative treatments.